This is Me, new member

Qui êtes-vous et surtout que possédez-vous comme moto ?

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This is Me, new member

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Good Morning and thanks for accepting my application to access the Forum.

I reside in North Devon, am 73  and am in the process of maintaining and running a 89/90 600 RC which I purchased two years ago. In my opinion it runs and looks far better than it did when I first saw it. One of only 13 in the UK and only 4 registered for the road, it brings a smile to my face every time I ride it. It is far from 'concours' condition but  looks to have experienced life! Obtaining spares in the uk can be an interesting challenge; the fun is in the hunt. Prior to buying the bike I had sold a 1996 BMW 1100RT as  it had started to get too heavy and cumbersome. I then saw my current machine advertised which I vaguely remebered. Even in the condition it was then I just had to get hold of it. Love riding it; even on longish runs I find it more confortable than the BMW. Well see how the future pans out! Thanks again. :)

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Re: This is Me, new member

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Welcome R1100RT
North devon, this is the Rex devon cats area?   :)
  If you have pictures of your bike, we’ll take it. There are some precautions with the Bi Gilera, including the mandatory replacement of the belt every 12000 kms or 2 years .Do not hesitate if you have some questions.

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Re: This is Me, new member

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Devon is a nice place, not far from my Brittany... And on the way to Isle Of Man !

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Re: This is Me, new member

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Hello friend, welcome we are all at your disposal for any information and then the club can provide certain parts such as the belt. and then we also have lots of stuff in our garages

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Re: This is Me, new member

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Welcome R1100RT!

I hope you'll find here some help to keep your RC running. Guess you already know this, but you can find some interesting information on Gilera Network too :)